Solutions for Firms

Our training solutions for firms are designed for CPA firm leaders, HR professionals or CPE administrators who are looking for a comprehensive training approach for the firm. Training solutions for firms focus on the skills and behaviors of client service and business development that directly affect the firm's top-line growth. In addition these programs, when implemented across the firm, create a common language and processes which ultimately transform a firm's culture as everyone begins to understand his/her expected contribution.

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Whetstone Growth Academy: (WGA)
Best Suited For: Firms looking for comprehensive training on how to grow the top line
The WGA is a series of web-based sessions presented in a live, online classroom format. The courses are divided into levels of content applicable at various stages in a CPA professional's career: young professionals learning about how they can contribute to the firm's top-line growth; mid-level professionals who are learning the fundamentals of prospecting; experienced partners looking to enhance their rainmaking skills and firm leaders who are championing the growth effort in their firms. Firms not only have access to the live sessions, but recordings of each session for use "on-demand". The WGA also includes supplemental material for administrators with implementation guidelines as well as a discussion guide for in-house facilitated discussions of each course. The WGA is a NASBA certified program.

A full course catalog is available for download by clicking  here.

Whetstone Development Academy: Phase I (WDA I)
Best Suited For: CPA Professionals with 1-4 years of experience
The WDA I is a series of 10 live, web-based modules that focus primarily on the non-technical behaviors of client service. This series' unique way of defining client service also gives participants a foundation for becoming a trusted business advisor to their clients in the future. In addition, the WDA I introduces young professionals to business development activities that are appropriate for where they are in their careers with content designed to be used immediately as professionals go about serving clients and interacting in their communities.

Whetstone Development Academy: Phase II (WDA II)
Best Suited For: CPA Professionals with 4-7 years of experience
This series of live, web-based courses builds on material from WDA I, evolving skills and concepts in alignment with a professional's progress in his/her career. Participants begin to learn the behaviors that lead to becoming a trusted advisor as well as more advanced business development skills such as deepening relationships with referral sources, lead generation techniques and how to work the decision cycle.

A full course catalog for WDA I and II is available for download by clicking here.

Whetstone Leadership Academy (WLA)
Best Suited For: Next-generation leaders
Professionals in the firm who have been identified as up-and-coming talent and potential leaders in the firm often benefit from additional leadership skills development as they prepare to accept their role. The WLA is a development program specifically designed to help individual CPAs mature into active leaders with a focus on firm stewardship. The WLA helps participants hone the collaborative skills, mentoring techniques and development of critical thinking to take on the responsibility for the stewardship of their firms.

A full course catalog is available for download by clicking here.

Customized programs

Access our proven, practical content and tools in a program that is custom designed for your firm culture. Customized solutions combine in-person training, web-based and video-conference sessions, dynamic interactive activities that encourage real-time application of concepts interwoven with your specific firm brand attributes. The result is a uniquely designed learning system built just for you.

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